Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wondrous Words ~ May 5th, 2010


Wondrous Words is a weekly meme that is hosted by Kathy at Bermudaonion.  Please click on the button to the left to link back to the main post explaining the details of the meme.  The goal is to define new words (to us) that we’ve encountered whilst reading throughout the week. 




This weeks selections were chosen from Up in the Air by Walter Kirn. There were a plethora of new words for me to choose from in this novel.  As it happens, the main character, Ryan Bingham, favours a past time of incorporating featured focus words from his Verbal Edge cassette tapes, in his daily conversations.  All told, I learned over twenty new words based on this little game of his.  I’m inclined to start my own game, based on words that I learn through others’ posts for this meme. 

quiescent- “How’s business?” Danny Said.  “Quiescent.  Yours?” Page 20

Wiktionary’s definition for quiescent is inactive, at rest, quiet.

seditious “Seditious: given to promoting revolt.” Page 41

I was saved from using the dictionary for this one, as this is a direct excerpt from the vocabulary tape that I referred to above. 

cadre – ISM’s founders came up through the military, a crew-cut cadre of logistics specialists who took what they’d learned supplying Vietnam with freeze-dried beef stew and tents and bayonets and applied it, in their first big contract, to the global distribution of auto parts. Page 159

WordNetweb’s most appropriate definition was a nucleus of military personnel capable of expansion.


  1. You found some great words this week...hope you're enjoying this book!

  2. I love quiescent. I wish I could remember the definition long enough to use it!

  3. I enjoy seeing everyone's words from this meme. It's a nice mental challenge to see if I can figure out what they all mean each week. :)

  4. I saw "Up in the Air" and liked it ... so I thought I'd read the book. I didn't get too far into it before I gave up. You've highlighted it nicely :)

  5. Jo-Jo~ Thanks. Yes, I actually did enjoy the book, but the movie is much better. I will have a review on both soon.

    Lisa~ A lot of times I'm intimidated by using these words, as I know the perplexed look I'll get from others if I do try to use them. And they'll probably think I'm trying to be uppity or something, lol.

    Alyce~ This is one of my favourite memes, for sure.

    Teena~ I watched the movie tonight and loved it. It is superior to the book, for sure.

  6. Great words! I knew cadre because the company my husband works for uses that word for some odd reason. Thanks for participating!

  7. I like your words. I knew seditious, but I'm not sure where I picked it up. Quiescent is interesting. Cool words! Thanks for sharing. Happy Reading!