Saturday, May 29, 2010

Awards!!! – April & May

I’m pleased to have received four awards in the past couple of months and I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to the people that were kind enough to issue them.

First off, thanks to Kim from Queen Bee for giving me the Honest Scrap Award.  Kim has a varied selection of books that she reviews, from classics to historical and contemporary fiction.  She is very kind, and I’m glad to have met her.  Stop by and visit her blog; you won’t be disappointed. 


With this award I am asked to list ten things about myself. 

All right, here it goes:

  1. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and I don’t think I’ll ever stray too far from this beautiful city. 
  2. I am newly married to a man who I was with for 14 years before he popped the question.
  3. I was proposed to on the Greek Island of Kalymnos, and we spent our honeymoon on the Emerald Isle, also known as Ireland.
  4. My dream job is to be the librarian at my local library where I have been an enthusiastic patron for over thirty years.
  5. Since I love to learn, my favourite movies tend to be documentaries.
  6. Aside from the Amazing Race and Survivor, I generally don’t watch TV.
  7. My husband and I try to live an organic lifestyle, from the food we eat to the products we use.
  8. I love to cook, and to keep things interesting I try new recipes all the time. 
  9. I am the family baker, and my latest signature dessert is a Mango and Coconut cheesecake that is to die for. 
  10. If I could go on vacation tomorrow, I would choose Costa Rica in a heartbeat.


Next, I’d like to say thank you to BookQuoter from A Thousand Books with Quotes for recognizing me for the Prolific Blogger Award and the The Premio Dardos Award.  You simply must stop by and visit this unique and interesting blog, where there is a compilation of some of the most memorable quotes from some of the best books literature has to offer.  BookQuoter is always looking for recommendations, so don’t be shy.


A prolific blogger is one who is intellectually productive, keeping up an active blog with enjoyable content.



The Prêmio Dardos is a way to acknowledge the importance of bloggers committed with spreading cultural, ethical, literary and personal values, showing their thoughts are alive through their letters and words.


Lastly, I’d like to say thanks a bunch to Sarah from Loving Books, for giving me the Versatile Blogger Award.  Sarah is a sweet blogger who I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting, and not unlike myself, she is a voracious reader who loves to bake.  The difference being, she doesn’t tend to eat what she makes.  I should take a page from her book, it would seem.  Stop by and visit her colourful blog, as she has an archive full of interesting book reviews to peruse.


This award asks me to list seven things about myself, but as I have listed ten for another award above, I will refrain from doing so.




Thanks to all for thinking of me!


  1. Congratulations! Always nice to be appreciated, isn't it?

  2. Two most beautiful places to remember, how lucky you are: the Greek island and Ireland!!! Congratulations.

    Have you posted that mango and coconut cheesecake recipe yet? Three things I like all in one!!!

  3. Julie~ Thanks!

    leeswammes~ Thank you. It certainly is.

    Book Quoter~ I am very lucky, and extremely grateful, that's for sure.

    I will be posting the cheesecake sometime around Father's day, as I will be making it for Father's day and need to remember to take a picture of it this time. It is sooooo good!

  4. Congratulations on your award, as well as on your recent marriage. And wow, what a place to propose! Sounds very memorable.

  5. Congratulations on all your awards - each one well deserved!

  6. Simcha~ Thanks. It was definitely very memorable, and the trip of a lifetime!

    JoAnn~ Thanks!