Sunday, March 1, 2009

Book Review - A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L'Engle

An important novel that teaches us about ourselves.

No other young adult fiction that I’ve come across has been as spiritually themed as A Wrinkle in Time, a story that is intrinsically pure in its message of faith, hope and belief in goodness. For some, this is precisely the reason they turn away from it, but for me, it is just another reason to embrace it.

The fight between good and evil is left in the hands of three children; Meg, her brother Charles Wallace, and their friend, Calvin. As they voyage through space and time using the fifth dimension and the assistance of three bewildering ‘ladies,’ they must penetrate the shadowing 'Black Thing,' and confront its brain, the evil and poisonous ' IT.' For Meg and Charles Wallace, the significance of their journey is tenfold as they bear the responsibility of trying to locate and free their father from this unknown dimension and its demonic clutches.

Madeleine E’ngle has created a world where we can acknowledge and appreciate that humans are flawed, that pride and arrogance defeat us and that sometimes only a willing suspension of disbelief can keep us from losing our way. We become vigilantly aware that it is the ignorance and fear of the different or unknown that plagues humanity, and that patience, sacrifice and love are all necessary shields that need bear in the face of conflict.

I look forward to sharing this extraordinary story with any and everyone I can.

5/5 Snakes

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  1. Pamela,

    This takes me back! It's spring 1970. Mr. Cook, the beloved school Librarian of Parkdale Public in Toronto recommended Wrinkle. He said it was "important". I can't say I recall the story, but I do have a vivid memory from the time of lines of text from it floating before my eyes against a sky blue, transparent background, framed around the edges by soft, white clouds. I could hear a voice reading aloud, and it was not mine. (I was tripping at the time, but regardless, there still must be a connection.) I have not heard of the book since nor met anyone else who's read it. All I remember is something about the shortest distance between two points is found by bringing the two points together. A wrinkle in time, then a re-read is in order. I hope you have not given up on the blog.