Monday, March 16, 2009

Book Review - The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

Must be re-read as an adult to experience the full joy from its genius!

For Milo, life was void of excitement, mystery and fun. As he plodded on through the motions of school and everyday life, he found himself always in a hurry to be someplace else, unfortunately to no avail, as he could not find interest in anywhere he ended up. That all changed when he happened upon a tollbooth in his bedroom upon returning from school one day.

And so began his wild adventure to the Lands Beyond. With the help of a ticking watchdog named Tock and a clumsy Humbug, Milo commences a journey to return the sorely missed princesses Rhyme and Reason to the City of Wisdom. Although it first appears that Milo is there to help the characters in this faraway land, it is soon apparent that he will also be the recipient of much guidance and important knowledge that he has been lacking in his own life.

Milo is reminded of the importance of slowing down to appreciate the beauty that life has to offer, the necessity of unpleasant experiences in order to properly appreciate the good times, and that everything we learn is necessary and has a reason or a purpose, even if we’re not aware of it at the time. He encounters such demons as Procrastination, Habit, Insincerity and Fear in The Mountains of Ignorance, and must draw on his newly acquired knowledge in his efforts to prevail.

Not only has Norton Juster created a timeless adventure, he has creatively infused all the necessary elements of life’s important lessons, making The Phantom Tollbooth beloved by both children and parents alike.

5/5 Snakes