Saturday, March 28, 2009

Book Review - Baby by Patricia Maclachlan

Patricia Maclachlan's character development in so few pages is nothing short of awesome

What would you do if a baby was left at your doorstep with a note from her mother saying she would be back some day? Could you care for that baby, even come to love her, knowing she could be taken from you at any time? I don’t know that I could be that selfless, deal with that loss. In Baby we bear witness to the quirky, loving and ill-fated family that must deal with such sadness.

Patricia MacLachlan proves to be a master of the metaphor in this beautifully written story that, at its core, is about the importance of words; learning them, sharing them, avoiding them, and most importantly, hearing them.

Although some aspects of this story are mournful, what we take away from Baby is a family’s ability to put the pieces back together after a profound loss. Anyone having gone through a similar tragedy would draw inspiration and strength from this family, just as they did from the baby on their doorstep.

3.5/5 Snakes


  1. Well, the premise certainly sounds more engaging than Sarah, Plain and Tall.

  2. I've yet to read Sarah, Plain and Tall, but it certainly comes with high acclaim. I wanted to experience Maclachlan's writing, and picked this one up instead, because I found its storyline more appealing.

    I like to read young adult books so that I know what to give to my eleven year old niece to read. There's a lot of garbage out there that I'm trying to keep her away from for as long as possible.

  3. Sarah was plain. Probably tall, too, but I don't remember that part.

  4. LOL, I will keep that in mind.