Saturday, February 21, 2009

Book Review - Me Talk Pretty One Day: Stories - David Sedaris

Getting to know David Sedaris

David Sedaris doesn’t pull any punches while introducing us to his eclectic family, and observing the entertaining and often ridiculous idiosyncrasies of common Americans, as well as the French. Me Talk Pretty One Day is laugh-out-loud funny as Sedaris has the ability to expose and turn any seemingly ordinary situation into hilarity, by picking it apart and applying a healthy dose of sarcasm and a honed wit.

To think that the foundation of his extended vocabulary in elementary school was due to using a thesaurus to find s-free alternatives in order to escape his pronounced lisp and keep the loathsome school appointed speech therapist, or as he referred to her, ‘articulation coach,’ off his back.

Although it is hard to pick a favourite from these 27 insightful and animated recollections, I find myself partial to the stories detailing his family and their quirky personalities. I think it would be quite the event to be a fly on the wall at one of their traditional Greek Orthodox Easter dinners. I look forward to reading more of Sedaris’ comedic moxie.

4/5 Snakes

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